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CHAPTER 9 EXERCISE - THE POLITICS OF BACKSTABBING Scott Rosen believed that he was making progress as an assistant manager of a financial- services company—until he noticed that his colleague, another assistant manager, was attempting to push him aside. On repeated occasions, Mr. Rosen would observe his colleague speaking with their manager behind closed doors. During these conversations, Mr. Rosen’s colleague would attempt to persuade the supervisor that Mr. Rosen was incompetent and mismanaging his job, a practice that Mr. Rosen found out after the fact. Mr. Rosen recounts one specific instance of his colleague’s backstabbing efforts: When asked a question by his subordinates to which Mr. Rosen did not know the answer, his colleague would state to their supervisor, “I can’t believe he didn’t know something like that.” On other occasions, after instructing a subordinate to complete a specific task, Mr. Rosen’s colleague would say, “I wouldn’t make you do something like that.” What was the end result of such illegitimate political tactics? Mr. Rosen was demoted, an action that led him to resign shortly after, while his colleague was promoted.
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