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Chapter 18 Exercise - A Purely Imaginary Situation Due to a recent report, the University of Texas is focused on becoming the #1 academically ranked school in the country. In order to accomplish this goal, UT must address a number of financial and academic issues that will cause significant changes to the status quo. UT is mandating the following: All students must take one more class each semester. There will be Saturday classes. All faculty will have their teaching loads increased by one class per semester (to reduce the need for additional faculty and to offer more courses). Students will be given a short quiz each class period to ensure that they have prepared for class. Grading will be as follows for each class: 10% A. 20% B. 40% C. 20% D. 10% F. Any student that receives 2 D’s (or lower) in one semester will be put on academic probation and will be evicted the following semester if not improved. Exams will no longer contain multiple choice or T/F questions.
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