F09-Homework 3 Instructions

F09-Homework 3 Instructions - MIS 302F Homework 3...

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MIS 302F Homework 3 Instructions Background In this homework assignment, you will define scope and perform financial analysis for the Human Resource system project created in Homework 2. You must complete Homework 3 using spreadsheet software that can save in an Excel file format (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, etc.). In your spreadsheet, you must use the specified FORMULA to calculate the value, as specified in the instructions. You must turn in this homework on Blackboard as a file attachment to the Assignment of Homework 3 before 11:00am on October 27 th and print and hand-in a hardcopy of your homework in class on October 27 th on a single 8.5 x 11 page. Handwritten responses will not be accepted. In the spreadsheet file, you must include your first name, last name, UT eID, and section in the light orange cells of the template (i.e., cells J2:J4). You must also name your file with the following naming convention “ LastnameFirstname-HW3.xls.” Using this convention my homework file would be named “VerduzcoDoug-HW3.xls.” For help on using Microsoft Excel, read Chapter Extension 5 in the Kroenke textbook, search
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F09-Homework 3 Instructions - MIS 302F Homework 3...

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