orgolab7 - 2.7mL remaining in the vial after 40 minutes,...

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Staci Williams November 3, 2009 Preparation of 1-Bromobutane Section 14.4 pages 458-459 Summary of Procedure: To demonstrate the conversion of a primary alcohol to a primary bromoalkane with the use of hydrobromic acid. Procedure/Observations: Place 1.1g of sodium bromide in a 5mL conical vial and add 1.0mL water and1.0mL 1-butanol, mixing by stirring then cool in an ice-water bath. The mixture forms a clear liquid. Slowly add 1.0mL concentrated sulfuric acid while swirling in the ice bath, then remove, add boiling chip, and set up for reflux using a sand bath at about 130ºC. A solid appears in the reaction mixture. Warm the mixture until reflux, and all of the solids dissolve upon heating, and continue the reflux for 45 minutes after it begins to boil. Much bubbling occurs during the reflux. Next perform a simple distillation, collecting the distillate water and 1-bromobutane in the stillhead. The distillate needed to be removed 4 times to avoid overflow, and there was
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Unformatted text preview: 2.7mL remaining in the vial after 40 minutes, and the distillate was clear. Transfer distillate to conical vial, add 1.0mL water, and then cap and shake, with venting to mix contents allowing layers to separate. The organic layer is on the bottom. Wash organic layer with 0.5mL cold 2M aqueous sodium hydroxide twice, 1.0mL of water, and 1.0mL saturated aqueous sodium chloride, removing one wash solution before adding the next, keeping the product layer. When adding sodium chloride small solids floated in the solution, and tapping the vial got the globules to the bottom and became the product layer. Add anhydrous sodium sulfate to vial to dry 1-bromobutane, covering the vial for 5 minutes. Weigh vial, then add sample and reweigh to find mass of sample, but no sample was found in experiment. Main Reaction: Data Table: Results and Calcultions: Summary of Results: Exercises:...
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orgolab7 - 2.7mL remaining in the vial after 40 minutes,...

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