Lecture 5 Eat Nutrition NOTES

Lecture 5 Eat Nutrition NOTES - like blood pressure are...

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FOOD Reductionist view: Food is nothing but a delivery system for nutrients Holistic view: Food has emergent properties, food as nutrient delivery system depends on culture, lifestyle factors, how fast we eat the food, etc 4 types of scientific nutritional studies 1. Epidemiological or case controlled studies a. compare diets of diseased and healthy ppl, correlate diet and diesease 2. Cohort studies a. through questionnaires, the dietery habits of a large group are correlated over many years 3. metabolic studies a. few volunteers eat foods for a short period of time and physiological changes
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Unformatted text preview: like blood pressure are measured 4. randomized controlled trials a. (the best standard) volunteers gets experimental diet and others get usual diet, not really moral to harm ppl with food Vitamin C Its an ascorbic acid and makes collagen which stops gum bleed. Prevents scurvy, its when collagen in gums is not formed correctly so gums bleed Mother’s milk has carbs, fats, and protein Vitamin A Necessary for vision Vitamin B1 Contains sulfur, cures beriberi Vitamin B3 Stops pellagra...
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Lecture 5 Eat Nutrition NOTES - like blood pressure are...

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