Lecture 7 Digestion - 7.1 Which of the following is...

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7.1 Which of the following is digested by amylase in the saliva? 1) Proteins 2) Lipids 3) Minerals 4) Vitamins 5) Starch 7.2 Thankfully the epiglottis is typically in the up position so that: 1) Food travels from the stomach to the small intestine 2) Air typically travels from the nose to the lungs 3) Blood travels from the liver to the heart 4) Blood travels from the heart to the liver 5) None of the above 7.3 Since food enclosed in metal tubes with cloth lids is partially digested when they go through the digestive track: 1) Digestion is, in part, a chemical process 2) Digestion is only a chemical process 3) Digestion is only a mechanical process 4) Digestion is a vital process 5) Digestion is composed of two gestions 7.4 Gastric juice contains______________. 1) hydrochloric acid 2) pepsin 3) mucus 4) all of the above 5) lipase 7.5 A valve in the skin that leads to the inside of the stomach is called a___________. 1) vivisection 2) dissection 3) fistula 4) duodenum 5) villus
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7.6. William Beaumont noticed that Alexis St. Martin’s stomach ______________in response to fear or rage. 1) enlarged
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Lecture 7 Digestion - 7.1 Which of the following is...

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