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Feasibility Study: Completion Report Format: Formal Report –title page –appropriate headings –altogether approximately 6-8 pages – direct style; confident tone Structure (in this order): –Front Matter +letter of transmittal (use business letter format +title page +informational abstract (this will be page i) +list of illustrations ( optional ) +table of contents (this will be page ii) +executive summary (this will be page 1) One page maximum –Body +introduction (research-based background, context, current situation or problem +tasks (what research you did, why, and how) +results (what you learned, all of it, organized by tasks) +conclusions (what you think the results mean; your analysis and interpretation) +recommendations (what
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Unformatted text preview: you think your reader should do)--Back Matter (maintain pagination) +glossary/list of symbols ( optional ) +references (minimum of five; no encyclopedias, dictionaries) +appendices +index Your Completion Report must: –incorporate at least one graphic –use page design principles –include at least one extended definition (you might choose to place this in an appendix) OR –include at least one description (process or item) As always, the style and tone should be appropriate to your audience. Pay particular attention to how you organize your information and make it accessible to your reader. Be mindful of the balance between conciseness and comprehensiveness....
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