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ENGR1 FRESHMAN SEMINAR IN ENGINEERING (Elective) Catalog Data: ENGR 1: Freshman Seminar in Engineering (Credit Units: 1). An introduction to the engineering profession. Weekly seminars by both faculty and representatives from industry present an overview of each engineering discipline. Students learn about current trends and issues in engineering, and career and academic options. (Design units: 0) Textbook: Varies References: Varies Coordinator: John C. LaRue Relationship to Program Outcomes: Varies with each course Performance Criteria/Course Outcome: Varies with each Professor Prerequisites By Topic: Varies with each Professor
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Topics: Varies with each Professor Class Schedule: Meets for 1-4 hours each week for 10 weeks. (varies) Computer Usage: Varies with each Professor Laboratory Projects: Varies with each Professor Professional Component: Design Content Description Approach: Varies with each course Lectures: % Laboratory Portion: % Grading Criteria: Homework: Midterm(s): Final: Estimated ABET Category Content: Mathematics and Basic Science: ___ credit units or ___% Engineering Science: ___ credit units or ___% Engineering Design: ___ credit units or ___% Prepared by: John C. LaRue Date: July 2009 CEP Approved: Fall 2001...
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