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ENGR 69 ENERGY FACILITIES INSPECTION Catalog Data: ENGR 69: Energy Facilities Inspection (Credit Units: 0). Inspection of power-generating stations of various types, oil and gas processing facilities, and end-use facilities. One unit of workload credit. Prerequisites: ENGR 2, consent of instructor. May be repeated for credit as topics vary. (Design units: 0) Not offered every year. Textbook: References: Coordinator: John LaRue Relationship to Program Outcomes: Performance Criteria/Course Outcome:
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Unformatted text preview: Prerequisites By Topic: Lecture Topics: Class Schedule: Computer Usage: Laboratory Projects: Professional Component: Design Content Description Approach: Lectures: % Laboratory Portion: % Grading Criteria: Estimated ABET Category Content: Mathematics and Basic Science: ___ credit units or ___% Engineering Science: ____ credit units or ______% Engineering Design: ___ credit units or ___% Prepared by: John LaRue Date: July 2009 CEP Approved: Fall 2002...
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