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ENGR196 ENGINEERING THESIS Catalog Data: ENGR 196: Engineering Thesis (Credit Units: 4) F, W, S. Preparation of final presentation and paper describing individual research in Engineering completed in one or more quarters of individual study (i.e., ENGR199). Prerequisites: completion of lower-division writing requirement, consent of ENGR199 instructor, and completion of at least four units of Individual Research in Engineering. (Design units: varies) References: Varies. Coordinator: John C. LaRue Relationship to Program Outcomes: Varies with each course. Course Outcome/Performance Criteria:
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Unformatted text preview: Varies with each Professor. Prerequisites By Topic: Varies with each Professor Lecture Topics: Varies with each Professor Class Schedule: Computer Usage: Varies with each Professor. Laboratory Projects: Varies with each Professor. Professional Component: Design Content Description Grading Criteria: Homework: Midterm(s): Final: Estimated ABET Category Content: Mathematics and Basic Science: ___ credit units or ___% Engineering Science: ___ credit units or ___% Engineering Design: ___ credit units or ___% Prepared by: John C. LaRue Date: July 2009 CEP Approved: Fall 1992...
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