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Angelica Torrealva Dwrit0093-7059 05/06/2010 Argument Essay America should have a bilingual national language A bilingual national language should be the national language of the United States. The United States at the beginning of it history was first conquest by the British country , because the Native American were already living in this land and have their languages , dialects , etc. Even the location of Texas, Utah and California that is almost more than twenty percent of the United States spoken some Native American language as Cherokee as well as Spanish; due to that was Spanish Territory prior the United States Expansion. Even today’ there is a big minority in every state that speaks Spanish. As a consequence, more demand for bilingual jobs, and with a language differential salary. The United Sates should establish a bilingual national language in order to increase the job opportunity and to have more productive students. Unquestionably, many English speakers have argued the fact of why they should not learn another language if almost everyone speaks English. These people have the fact that in today economy we observe the fact that English language is an globalization state, and that instead of Americans learning other languages, should be the other countries, people and culture that will have to learn it. Even as mention in the latest South Asian Economic meeting “It is indeed English, which served the colonial British Empire and
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now drive the knowledge economy and the Internet”. This phrase was commented by the Prof Joseph Lo Bianco, director of The National Language and Literacy Institute of  Australia referring to the terminology of English Globalization. Even thought, English is the national Language of the United States is now required with the advance of its economy to be speak by a foreign speaker in other countries, to learn it and spread its importance. People that opposed into have a bilingual national language establish their fundaments into the English globalization that gives a result the few necessity to learn another language. Due that foreigners are required in many countries to speak a fluent English when finish any kind of degree, or working in business. Also the opposing part, emphasizes that English is a globalize language that permits to communicate with versatile groups of people from different countries and backgrounds; English allows the communication to be more smooth if there is only one globalize language, but English speakers are not talking into the reflection of the benefits that implementing a national
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argument essay1 - Angelica Torrealva Dwrit0093-7059...

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