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6:254 Game Theory with Engineering Applications Course Information Description Introduction to fundamentals of game theory and mechanism design with motivations drawn from engineered/networked systems (including distributed control of wireline and wireless communication networks, incentive-compatible/dynamic resource alloca- tion, multi-agent systems, pricing and investment decisions in the Internet), and social models (including social and economic networks). Emphasis on the foundations of the theory, mathematical tools, as well as modeling and the equilibrium notions in different environments. Topics: Strategic form games; solution concepts (dominant/dominated strategies, rationalizability, Nash and correlated equilibria), existence, uniqueness, and computation of equilibria. Learning dynamics in games; fictitious play and evolutionary dynamics. Supermodular games. Potential games. Dynamic games; subgame perfect equilibrium, bargaining. Repeated games. Games with incomplete/imperfect informa- tion. Auctions and mechanism design. Cooperative game theory. Network effects, games over networks, and congestion problems; selfish routing, resource allocation by market mechanisms, pricing and price of anarchy, strategic network formation. Instructor
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Course_info - 6:254 Game Theory with Engineering...

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