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6.254: Game Theory with Engr App Project Description As part of the requirements of the course, you need to complete a project on a topic of your choice, related to the class material. We encourage you to work in groups of 2-3 people. Please email Ermin if you would prefer to work with someone else and can use some help in identifying a partner. Project Topics There is a lot of flexibility on the choice of the topic, as long as it overlaps with the issues and methods covered in this class. We will be happy to discuss candidate topics with you and provide pointers to the literature. A reading list is provided on a separate page on Stellar. Possible project types include but are not limited to: You can read and report on 2-3 papers on a theoretical or application area related to the subject. This involves a deep understanding of and critically evaluating the papers. You can include not just a synthesis of the material you read, but also (in part) your own research or thoughts on the subject. You can do theoretical analysis of a mechanism/type of game, which we have not covered in class
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