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PSC1 Spring 2010, Dr. Liat Sayfan t Recap The Nervous System Neural Communication t Neurotransmitters and drugs t The Brain Structure Divisions of the cerebral cortex Hemispheres communication Plasticity t Examples of neurotransmitters Acetylcholine Monoamines: Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine Glutamate+ GABA Peptides: Endorphins, Substance P t What do drugs (and other substances) do? They can mimic neurotransmitters = Agonists Agonists Agonists c Either: there is more substance to bind with receptors c Or: block reuptake of neurotransmitters They can block neurotransmitters = Antagonists Antagonists Antagonists Antagonists c Either: Bind to receptor sites (but ‘key’ doesn’t turn) c Or: mimic the enzymes that deactivate neurotransmitters t The 1 st neurotransmitter identified (1921) t Motor control Concentrated in the motor cortex in the brain Found on skeletal muscles Agonists: Nicotine, Black Widow bite Antagonists: curare t Learning and memory functions Alzheimer’s disease t Motor regulation Parkinson’s disease: less release of dopamine b/c of death of dopaminergic neuron c Video: drugs, addiction, and the brain
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Lect+4.Brain.6slides+per+page - Recap The Nervous System...

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