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5/5/2010 1 Lecture 10: PSC1 Spring 2010, Dr. Liat Sayfan Lecture Outline c Motivation c Theories: instinct, drive reduction, optimal arousal, incentive c Maslow’s hierarchy c Hunger and eating behavior c Achievement motivation c Emotion What is Motivation? c need or desire c energizes and directs behavior Theories of Motivation c Instincts theory c instinct c unlearned c fixed throughout species c Is human behavior preprogrammed? c McDougall: Preprogrammed to fulfill needs c Problems s circular reasoning s these “instincts” are learned Theories of Motivation c Drive Reduction Theory c physiological need creates arousal c drives organism to satisfy need c return to homeostasis food deprivation hunger (drive) drive reduction Theories of Motivation c Optimal Arousal Theory c need for stimulation c Optimum level of arousal c Individual differences in what’s ‘optimal’ c Generally preference to ‘medium’ challenge
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5/5/2010 2 Theories of Motivation c Incentive Theory c Not “pushed” by internal state c “Pulled” by external goals c motivated because we expect incentives c Cognitive aspect c Expectation to get incentive c Appreciate the incentive “What a man can be,
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Lect+10.Motivation_Emotion.6slides - Lecture 10 Motivation...

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