ARE136WI10Q6vaKEY - Name:_ Managerial Economics (ARE) 136...

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Name:________________________________________ Managerial Economics (ARE) 136 University of California, Davis, Winter 2010 Dr. John H. Constantine KEY —Quiz 6 (125 points), Wednesday February 24, 2010 Multiple Choice Questions—(60 points; 10 points each.) 1) A manufacturing company wants to encourage its managers to get a college degree online. To determine what programs are available, requirements for entering specific programs, and how much time and money the programs require, the company’s human resource director consulted a 2002 article in a newspaper on online universities. The human resources director used _____. a) projective data b) a secondary data source c) a primary internal data source d) data mining e) a primary external data source 2) An advertisement for a dog food scores high on a resonance test. This means that a) consumers feel that the message in the commercial is in line with their own experiences. b) the advertisement effectively moves consumers' attitudes toward the brand in a positive direction. c) consumers remember the key copy points in the advertisement. d) the advertisement has created interest in both consumers and nonconsumers of the product. 3)
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ARE136WI10Q6vaKEY - Name:_ Managerial Economics (ARE) 136...

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