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Name:________________________________________ Managerial Economics (ARE) 136 University of California, Davis, Winter 2010 Dr. John H. Constantine KEY —Quiz 7 (125 points), Wednesday March 3, 2010 Multiple Choice Questions—(60 points; 10 points each.) 1) The ________________ phase of a situation analysis commonly begins by stating who the current users are and why they are current users. a) historical context b) market analysis c) competitor analysis d) industry analysis 2) An advertising _____________ function is a mathematical relationship that associates dollars spent on advertising and sales generated. a) response b) communications c) ancillary d) reach 3) The role of the advertising agency in the advertising planning effort is to a) provide the advertiser with marketing planning inputs. b) offer an assessment of the advertiser that identifies the basis for offering value to customers. c) translate the current market and marketing status of the advertiser into advertising strategy and, ultimately, finished advertisements and IBP materials. d)
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ARE136WI10Q7vaKEY - Name Managerial Economics(ARE 136...

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