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PROJECT PROFILE Geophysical techniques were employed at a proposed power plant site in south- west Indiana to supplement conven- tional subsurface exploration methods. Mine maps were reviewed and a drill- ing program was conducted. The results of the drilling program were evaluated along with information obtained though geophysical methods to assess subsur- face conditions and to determine the extent of past surface and deep coal mining at the site. The study site was underlain by two coal seams - one at an approximate depth of 30 feet below the surface and a second one at a depth of about 90 feet. The shallower of the two seams had been partially surface mined, and the available mine map indicated the pres- ence of some auger workings extending from the former highwall. The deeper of the two seams had been deep mined. The DC resistivity technique was em- ployed to determine the location of the abandoned mine workings. Testing was conducted along a 700-foot-long profile that traversed a main in the deeper
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