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Unformatted text preview: Mn hc Lp trnh Windows (Windows Programming) Bi tp thc hnh Phn 3 Thi gian thc hin: 02 tun ---oOo--Bi 1: ng dng k thut DLL, Hook xy dng ng dng KeyTool ng dng c cc chc nng nh hnh minh ho sau: Gii thch: - "Quick Open Application": cho php chy ng dng bng phm tt. User c php chn app v phm tt ri add vo danh sch. User cng c th delete danh sch bng cch chn v click button "Remove app" - "Switch key": cho php thay th 1 key bi mt key khc. V d: q ^ tc l khi user nhn phm "q" th chng trnh s thay bng k t "^" - "System Tray": thu nh ng dng thnh 1 icon trn system tray. User c th click mouse tri trn icon m li mn hnh chnh ny. --- Ht phn 3 --- 2010, Nguyen Tri Tuan Khoa CNTT H.KHTN. TP.HCM 1/1 ...
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