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CS 391 - Advanced Programming in Java Autumn 2007 Quiz 1 Solution Marks: 15 Time: 10 min. Name : __________________ Roll Number : ______________ Date: 29/08/07 Fill in the blank spaces: [10] 1. All classes in java inherit from the Object class 2. Java code compiles into bytecode . 3. Every primitive data type has a corresponding Wrapper class . 4. In Java, memory gets allocated for objects from the heap 5. Generics provide a way for you to communicate the type of a collection to the compiler, so that it can be checked. 6. ArrayList class in java is found in the java.util package. 7. Garbage Collection is the process of automatically freeing objects that are no longer
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Unformatted text preview: referenced by the program. 8. Byte Streams handle I/O of raw binary data in Java 9. Node Streams attach directly to the source/sink. 10. You need to import java.io package to use streams. 11. Most programming languages compile source code directly into machine code, suitable for execution. The difference with Java is that it uses byte code 12. The Java Virtual Machine is a part of a large system Java RunTime Environment Encircle True or False: [5] 1. Primitive data types are always passed by value in Java. True / False 2. There is no operator overloading in Java. True / False 3. Java allows multiple inheritance. True / False...
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