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Week 9 Capstone DQ answer: I have never really been confident with written communication throughout my life, and in the beginning of this course I was extremely unconfident. To tell you the truth, I never had to analyze the purpose and tone of my audience before taking this class. I didn't even know what rapport was. Throughout this course, each week I began to gain more and more confidence with my communication skills. Let's face it, in distance for learning you need to have effective written and communication skills to succeed. I believe with the skills I have gained through this course I will be able to achieve my goals. There are many skills I have gained in this class that will help me with my future jobs and courses. I believe how to use effective business communication is the most important one. I have learned how to find the appropriate
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Unformatted text preview: purpose and tone for my audience's and how they can differ, depending on whom I may be writing too. I have also learned how to give constructive criticism while still remaining positive. The important skills I have mentioned will help me be more effective in a business environment, as well as in classes. In this class I have also learned how to develop an effective presentation which will be valuable in my future jobs. When it becomes time to pursue my career, I have learned how to be most effective in the job hunt by producing more effective resumes and follow up letters. With everything that I have learned in this class, I can now say that I am much more confident in achieving success in my education and throughout my career....
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