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Axia College Material Appendix F Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Enter the correct answer for each item by typing A or B in the second column. Provide an explanation for each choice in the Rationale column. The boxes expand to accommodate the text. Item Correct Answer (A or B) Rationale 1. B The New Nurse shouldn’t mean it’s a woman 2. A Both Boys and Girls can be bad at math 3. B Do not address to his religion 4. B Race is not important 5. B The Subject is the weight problem not the age 6. B It does not matter young or old 7. B Special needs is a serious condition 8. B Don’t judge because he eats in a specific way 9. B One sentence is not completed 10. B This is not a complete sentence
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Unformatted text preview: 11. A This would be a run sentence 12. B Correct way to spell when adding a S 13. A Spelling is correct 14. B Spelling is correct 15. B The name of the building is always capitalized 16. A The day of the month is always capitalized 17. A Apostrophe is always before the s 18. A Apostrophe is always before the s 19. B Apostrophe shows ownership 20. A Always put a semicolon after a subject 21. A Semicolon is always after a list of items 22. A Colon is before the s 23. B No need for a comma 24. B There needs to be a comma 25. B There needs to be a list of things COM 140...
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