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Com 140 Week 7 Effective Presentation

Com 140 Week 7 Effective Presentation - important topics...

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For my Final Project on the PowerPoint Presentation I plan on using a black background with blue lines in the bottom left hand corner, I choose this because the colors do work together and it is a cool design I found on the internet and it will allow my audience to view all the details easily. I will also be using a Office Theme layout for my slide show, I found out that it is more appropriate for my presentation to the committee. While using a Theme Layout I will incorporate some graphic and text slides as well I also will be using bulleted ext to outline some of my very important topics. I will be sure to limit my text to seven words per slide. Most of my font will be 16 while some of my
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Unformatted text preview: important topics will be much larger to allow the audience to easily read the material. As for the font I will be doing white lettering and some blue and Red and some yellow so it does not get the audience aroused with too much color. I will also be using some graphics in my PowerPoint Slide Show these graphics will focus on the main points for each slide.All of these will lead bck to my main topic but they all will work well with each slide. All of my speaker notes for each of the slides will be at the bottom on each page and more descriptive then slides by itself. There may be some changes to these thoughts as I like things to be perfect....
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