Com 140 Week 6 Creating Effective Documents

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Creating Effective Documents There are so many tips that can be used when crating academic documents. These tips can be used to up spice the information and grab reader’s attention. One tip that can be used for this document is italicizing words to stress keys points out in the document. One can also be used to insert tables into the document. The tables show a variety of information in all kinds of ways. This will give the reader all kinds of different views of the information given. Using correct proper headers and footers is a vital when writing an effective document and is more important to the message of an academic paper. For example, if someone was to doing a search and had papers spread all over the desk, the easiest way to locate the information is to
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Unformatted text preview: look for a good header. It can also be used as a refresh your memory of what someone is writing about when brainstorming for a document. Most of all it just keeps things on a professional proper and also organized way. Certain things will appear less important when conveying the message of a business document. Using the Multi column compared to having 3 or 4, does not really change on how the information is received. This may be a good idea to fill up the blank page, but it really does not make a difference to me in any other way. In a way, I would believe that it is just kind of clutters everything....
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