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Com 140 Week 6 Applying Style Guidelines Part 3

Com 140 Week 6 Applying Style Guidelines Part 3 - way too...

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The difference in format between the memo and academic paper is that the academic paper does have margins on the left and right side of the page, and the memo only has a margin on the left side only. The academic paper also has a header page and a page number in which the memo page does not have. I have also noticed that the memo was never double spaced like the academic page was and that the paragraphs are not indented, academic papers should be indented at least 5 spaces at the max. Most of the words were bold and should be used in academic writing. When writing in academic from the audience, purpose and tone and the structure are
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Unformatted text preview: way too much difference than the memo. The academic paper has set guidelines to abide by with the format and the memo does not. The tone affects each of the documents because the audience is for the memo is to a department manager and the paper is to an instructor. With the purpose of both the memo and the paper are to achieve different outcomes. The paper is from a student that is to be turned in to an instructor to be graded and the memo is to receive a response from the department manager. All of these are differences effects each document with the same way they are written....
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