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Com 140 Week 1 DQ1&DQ2 - and large businesses The...

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Com 140 Week 1 DQ1 I think that this article was written people that read blogs. The readers would be internet users and business owners. It was written in an informal tone. This tone makes it easy for the readers to understand especially if they have no knowledge of blogs. The tone of this article also brings a bit of humor to the article. (Example: reaching out of the article and grabbing you by the collar and shaking you.) The purpose of this article was to inform the readers of blogs and how they have become more popular over the past few years and how they can change a business in the future. The article states many times how a blog can be used whether it is negative, positive. This article was written to give the readers more information on blogs and some statistical facts. The article states that only 27% of American internet users read blogs. The audience, that the writer seemed to be trying to reach was, both small
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Unformatted text preview: and large businesses. The article’s structure is setup up like a report and it shows a lot of detail. Many examples are given to inform the reader of other peoples’ experiences of the articles subject. The article is also segmented as a report each day a new one is made. Com 140 Week 1 DQ2 Stephen King is the writer who I feel I have a good rapport with because I understand his writings in his books and find it interesting in all his books. . I do not know any one that i do not rapport with at this time. I do know a few books of writers that are really boring that I have read years ago. I would not find them interesting at all but I know a lot of people like their books. An authors view is directed towards a certain audience, and they cannot know control how the reader will feel about what they read....
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