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Gen+105+Week+9+Student+survival+Guide - Personal Action...

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Personal Action Plan 1 Personal Action Plan Brett D. Grumm Axia College Of University Of Phoenix
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Personal Action Plan 2 I have taken some time to outline my future goals and plans for my academic future. Using Axia’s Educational Resources I plan on using Axia’s educational resources. I will use the extensive library to conduct research in all my classes. I believe I will be more successful using the college library than using the internet to do my research. One of my goals is to use as little outside influence as I can in conducting research. I need to keep in mind that some information off the internet might not be that reliable. I plan to use the text as well as the audio in my future learning. I believe this will be beneficial to my learning. When I study I like to have a hard copy to read. I don’t believe I will do much downloading, other than on my computer. I do know that I have that option if I should choose. When navigating the university library I need to pick my search topic and then isolate the key words before I start. I tend to start and get stuck or distracted. I believe this method will solve this in future research. Upholding Academic Honesty I am aware of the academic policy at Axia College. I plan to always keep this in mind in the future. I will apply this policy to all papers I submit. I will always make sure I put proper quotation or citation if I have to use other peoples work. I understand the
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Gen+105+Week+9+Student+survival+Guide - Personal Action...

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