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Gen 105 Week 9 Capstone - Question#1 You are preparing your...

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Question #1 You are preparing your post-graduation resume and need to list your college contributions and achievements. What would you like them to be? I believe that my five most significant strengths that will help to contribute to my successful graduation from college will be: Determination, motivation, flexibility, hard work, and punctuality. I will process a high level of determination to accomplish the tasks and goals that I want to succeed in. I feel that I am extremely determined to accomplish any tasks that I set out to accomplish. I am also very motivated to achieve the goals that I set for myself. In order to strive to successfully graduate, I have to be flexible with my other priorities and make school my number one priority. If I want to graduate with good grades, I have to be hard working and put extra effort into my school studies. I will not be able to accomplish graduating school without being punctual. I must make sure that I allow
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