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Distance learning at college   What keyword search did you use to find the article? Distance learning at college What is the title of the article? E-learning in higher education: some key aspects and their relationship to  approaches to study. Who is the author(s)? Robert Ellis, Paul A. Ginns, and Leanne Piggott When was the article published? September 2009 Was the article peer-reviewed? yes In what database did you find the article? EBSCOhost   Summarize what each article is about in 2 to 3 sentences per article. If there are specific opinions or facts in  the articles, be sure to document them.   This article is about the learning environment from a student’s perspective. The article investigates the changes  that can be made to help improve the learning experience and the article also explains how the learning  experience could be similar to on campus learning.   What keyword search did you use to find the article? Distance Education
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Unformatted text preview: What is the title of the article? Online Education and Organizational Change Who is the author(s)? Regina L. Garza Mitchell When was the article published? July 2009 Was the article peer-reviewed? In what database did you find the article? ProQuest Summarize what each article is about in 2 to 3 sentences per article. If there are specific opinions or facts in the articles, be sure to document them. This article is a in-depth investigation of how distance education is affecting community colleges. The article explains how distance learning is more time consuming for the instructors and takes more to effort and resources to create the course package for students. Also it explains how distance education is more beneficial for some students and not an option for others....
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University Library Article Search - What is the title of...

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