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Communicating in Forums Anthony I will try to explain to you the best that I can what I personally think you could have done a little different. First off you addressed the whole group as “guys” and that could have offended her because she is not a guy. When addressing a group you need to address it as classmates or schoolmates or even friends not guys as there are not just guys in the group there is woman are ladies also. You stated that you saw a business lady and her speech but you could have used her name instead of using business lady. To me using that wording seems more like you did not respect that it was in fact a woman giving the speech. Why were you surprised? Was it because it was a lady that was giving the speech or was it the subject matter itself? You addressed the company picnic as managers and their wives when actually in today’s world there are many women that are managers that have husbands. You insinuated that all managers were men as if that
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Unformatted text preview: is the way it should be and no woman has a place in management. You referred to them as good old boys at the top like it was some kind of boys club and not taking in to account that woman too can make it to the top more so in todays world then it use to be. All in all with the comments you have made here you are stating that being in management is only a mans job and not a woman epically with the statement I recommend that any man who wants to advance in the business world should seriously consider brushing up on his etiquette, just like I did. You recommend any man brushing up on his etiquette. That statement is condescending stating that its a mans world and woman is not allowed in it. If I were you I would consider changing your thinking on the words that you used in this statement and look at it the way a woman would epically one that is trying to make her way to the top such as you are....
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