Expository Essay - We, as a nation, go through as many...

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We, as a nation, go through as many problems in our everyday life. From social to economical, the problems are countless. One of the problems is the rising fuel price. This has not only become a household issue but has become a national crisis. Before, gassing our car was not even an issue but now we have to make it as a bill. Oil and gas prices undergo major price fluctuations in short periods of time because of supply and demand One of the main reasons for rising fuel prices is the dependency on foreign oil. United States is the largest consumer of gasoline in the world. More than half of the fuel we consume everyday is imported. The ratio between gasoline imported and gasoline produced domestically is almost three to one. We as a nation consume almost 21million barrels of gasoline a day. If I can recall the promises made by our political leaders over period of time that the gasoline will never cost more than $1/gallon and we will not be importing as much fuel as we were back in 1977, it has become our hope to see those promises coming true. Importing gasoline in such volume has not only paralyzed us in depending on foreign oil but also has created a huge trade deficit in international market. As import to export ratio is already unjustifiable, we are paying fortune to those foreign countries to supply our demand. For example, to produce gasoline domestically, it cost just over a dollar which includes all taxes implemented by the government and profits margins marked by the manufacturers. But we still pay fortune at the pump because they have to cover the shipping charges and loyalty fees to the oil producing country. United
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Expository Essay - We, as a nation, go through as many...

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