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Incorporating Feedback What Feedback did you receive from your instructor? My Content was good and that I need to work on my sentence structure. Also I need to change the Point of view to a third person and remove any personal experiences or opinions. I also need to add In-Text Citations. From the peer reviewer? It states that I should add more details about how changing from fuel cars to more efficient ones or finding our own resources will cut the price of fuel down. They also state that does not fit in the essay is probably be talking about the contributions to global warning because it is a different issue. From the Center for Writing Excellence? There are some grammars errors I need to fix and some sentences I need to rephrase and spelling
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Unformatted text preview: corrections. Explain how you will incorporate the feedback into the paper. I will make the changes and add more details from the peer review file I received from another classmate and add in text citations that are needed and fix up whatever I have missed and make the perfect Expository Essay. How will this feedback improve your expository essay? This will help me to get a better grade on the assignment and making the expository essay make more sense and make more readers willing to read it. What feedback did you choose not to include? I choose not to include the global warning because it does not sound good in the essay. I will just include Fuel Cars to more efficient cars that are starting to come out to save money on fuel cost....
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