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Axia College Material Appendix D Topic Outline and Thesis Statement Guide What is your thesis statement? Oil and gas prices undergo major price fluctuations in short periods of time because of supply and demand. I. First main point A. Supporting Details 1. Sub-detail-impact on consumer spending 2. Impact on consumer spending B. Supporting Details 1. High Oil Prices Make High Gas Prices 2. Biggest Factor in High Oil Prices II. Second main part A. Supporting details 1. Petroleum is a non renewable energy so more consumption results in losing it. without the possibility of producing it 2. the cost to purify and refine it to the present state is high. B.Supporting details 1. Gasoline is made from crude oil, so it seems only logical that the price of oil has a significant impact on the price you pay at the pump. 2. it’s not the gas station owner who is determining the price you pay at the pump. Over
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Unformatted text preview: 85 percent of the price of gasoline is determined before it even arrives at the station. III. Third main point A. Supporting details 1. Higher price for oil means increase in price of other essential commodities. As the government has to meet the requirement through the price rise 2. Impact on consumer spending - as the demand is higher and availability is less. They have to pay more to get what they want B. Supporting details 1. Oil and gas prices are interrelated as they are by products in the process of production 2. Population explosion demands greater supply but production is less. IV. Fourth main point A. Supporting details 1. Determination of Oil Prices 2. Things Effecting Oil Supply B. Supporting details 1. Causes of gas prices to rise 2. Causes to decrease in the gas prices COM 150...
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