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Unformatted text preview: D-E-Chioro-Z—phenyleman01 ?0ints] Add the missing components (starting materials. reagents, 01' products) of the wing reactions in the boxes pmvided. Aqueous work-up (when required) is assumed : part of a step. It is 519; part of any answer. OCHq GO?“ I—INO3. sto‘; ~—————-——-——-——-—p IV. [30 Points] Write detailed mechanisms to explain the following observations. a. CH A's/“’40 V. {30 Points] Provide a reasonable synthetic route from starting material to product. Note: several steps are required and there may be more than one solution to the problem. You may use any additional organic or organornetallic reagents to effect your conversions. a. _‘ N(CHa)2 I2 ...
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