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Espe ne cially m is pc ild c nh c 3c ro l n pyridine

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Unformatted text preview: H C 3C rO l N Pyridine Pyridiniumchlorochrom : "PC " ate C Exam s: ple Avoid wate C s ove r: ause roxidation of prim alcohols ary 1. Allylic Oxidation: MnO S le : Will not attack ordinary alcohols e ctive Allylic H is re active 3. Ozonolysis of alke s: ne O , the n Oxidativecle avageof carbon-carbon doublebonds re ducing age nt 4. Hydration of alkyne s Hydration of thecarboncarbon triplebond yie e that lds nols tautom rizeto carbonyl com e pounds Markovnikov: UseHg2+, H2O, H+: Anti-Markovnikov: Usehydroboration-oxidation 5. Frie l-C de rafts alkanoylation Arom S atic ubstitution) (Electrophilic Reactions The arethre re re e gions of re activity in alde s and hyde ke s tone Allylic (H ) Re w vie Nucle ophilic additions to carbonyls to givealcohols Addition re actions also occur with m r nucle ilde ophile , such as wate s r, alcohols, am s, e To spe d the up, acid or basecatalysis is re ine tc. e m quire d. More r: The arere rsible ove y ve !...
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