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Unformatted text preview: te diols: e ct B r O H O H B g rM O + H O + B r + H M g O O H O O H O H O O Thioace tals: S tableto acid! Thioace talization use Le acid catalysis, e ZnC 2. Again, cyclic ve s wis .g., l rsion particularly favorable . De prote ction Ne ds Hg e Application of thioace tals: De sulfurization Moreapplications: C hapte 23. r 3. Amine Additions Am onia and prim am s add to thecarbonyl m ary ine function and theadduct the de n hydrate : A s "conde nsation" re action. Wate is lost with r sim ultane C ous --N bond form ation (oppositeof hydrolysis). An im ine Exam : ple Me chanism : I m Form ine ation A conde nsation product (-H O) Exact se nceof nucle que ophilic addition and H+ shuttleis pH de nde pe nt. He iam De m inal hydration Lipshutz BBoys I ntram cular re ole action: rings...
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