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Unformatted text preview: . Be for 5- and 6-m m re st e be d NH 2 O C H at. N NH 2 O C H at. N Enam Form ine ation Re action of thecarbonyl function with se condary am s give he iam ine s m inals in which norm al conde nsation is not possible No H le on N. : ft The fore wate loss occurs to the"carbon side to re , r " forman e ine(doe not occur for he iace nam s m tals). Me chanism : e -rich Enam s areuse can bealkylate (C ine ful, d hapte 18-4). r Wolff-Kishne Re r duction An Application of Hydrazone s S ynthe of a Hydrazone sis Wolff-Kishne Re r duction Me chanism Nitroge e ination : n lim A diazaallyl anion I n practice there , action is carrie out without isolating theinte e d rm diate hydrazone . TheWolff-Kishne re r duction is an alte rnativeto theC m e n le m nse (rough, conc. ac...
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