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Unformatted text preview: 2=P(C H5)3 H 6 H H H CH 2 Resonance-stabilized, trans-selective C bem cis or trans se ctive Re an ade le : activeylide givem cis. s ore 5. Addition of Hydroxy Groups Revisited: Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation Oxidation of ke s by pe tone roxycarboxylic acids give e rs: s ste Me chanism : Two ste ps r Adolf von Bae r Victor Villige ye 1868 - 1934 (1835-1917) NP 1905. Caruso Lipshutz Push Thetransition stateof theBae r-Villige ye r oxidation involve m s igration of R' through a pushpull e ctronic re le lay: Pull Fam iliar? Re call: C hapte 9-3 r Push Pull And C hapte 12-8 r Push Pull Exam s: ple O O O OH O O Re le ! giose ctive O O H3CC OH O Re le ! giose ctive O O...
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