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Yl ke s tone alkane alkanone longe chain incorporate

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Unformatted text preview: Alkane Alkanone Longe chain incorporate . st s carbonyl carbon and is num re from be d te inus closeto C rm =O. C yclic ke s arecycloalkanone C is C . tone s; =O 1 Exam s: ple 2-Pentanone An alde hydecontaining a ke toneC is =O calle an oxoalkanal. d Exam : ple O S ubstitue nam : nt e O CH alkanoyl R O ace , but CH CH propanoyl tyl (IUPACacce d com on nam ) pte m e Complex Aldehydes and Ketones O O HO O 4-Ace tylbe ne nze carboxylic acid Br O H Trans-4-brom o-2-oxo-3-bute nal Structure Thecarbonyl group contains a short , strong, and ve polar bond. ry Polarization 175 kcal m ol Re sonance EPM Mole cular structure Orbitals (A review of Chapter 8) Synthesis 1. Oxidation of Alcohols Prim alde s S condary ary hyde e ke s tone Usechrom (VI ) re nts ium age S le : Will not e ctive oxidizealke or alkyneunits. Espe ne cially m is PC : ild C + - N...
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