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bio squrral lab - = control = scare(experimental 10th...

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1st column: (date). 2nd column: (time). We will restrict this to "am" or "pm". 3rd column: (sxn) section number. 4th column: (wethr) weather conditions. 1 = sun 2 = overcast 3 = rain 5th column: (substr8) ground substrate. 1 = grass 2 = dirt 3 = leaves 4 = concrete 6th column: (%cnpy) percent canopy coverage (overhead shade from trees, etc). Express in DECIMAL form (eg 0.85). 7th column: (nut). Kind of nut used. 1 = almond 2 = peanut 8th column: (nLeft) number of nuts remaining. List here the number of nuts remaining in the pile at the end of the timecourse. 9th column: (scare). This denotes if the group was a control or experimental group.
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Unformatted text preview: - = control + = scare (experimental) 10th column: (dist) distance [in meters]. 1 2 or 5. 11th column: (behav) squirrel behavior. nut - holding, eating, burying a nut scan - scanning / looking around social - interacting with each other. Call fighting social. human - interacting w/human dog - interacting w/dog TotSq - total of the above categories for this experimental group 12th-32nd columns: (0 0.5 1 . .. 10). Time points. Counts for the number of squirrels observed in each category here. 33rd column: (Notes)....
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bio squrral lab - = control = scare(experimental 10th...

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