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Population biology Demography : study of how the vital rates of individuals (birth, death, growth, migration) affect structure and dynamics of populations Population : group of potentially interbreeding individuals (same species, co-occur in time and space) density : number of individuals per area or volume size structure size structure age distribution sex ratio 2 BIDE Equation for change in population size, N: ! N (numbers in population) = Births + Immigration - Deaths - Emigration 3 Dispersion : pattern of distribution of individuals in space (clumped, even, or random = every site has an equal probability of being occupied by an individual, independent of locations of other individuals) 4 Parent Ganet chicks A peck apart… 5 Intraspecific interactions (between individuals of the same species) vs Interspecific interactions (between individuals of different species) Life (and reproductive) table —summary of age (or size) specific rates of survival and fecundity (progeny per individual) Constructed by following a cohort : a group of mature, most of you will be eaten.”
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Power5_PopulationBiology - Population biology Demography...

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