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This assignment consists of two Excel worksheets and this set of questions. It is designed to help you think about the environmental consequences of your personal actions and lifestyle. An ‘Ecological Footprint’ (also referred to as an ‘ecofootprint’ or EF) pertains to how much land you use through resource consumption and compares this number with global hectares available per person on Earth. This assignment goes into more detail than the web version, and should help us to understand how particular actions have particular consequences. There are often technical problems with these excel files. If you cannot resolve them yourself, please ask your GSI to send you a copy directly by email and try that. One file, “Footprint.xls,” has 5 worksheets for you to fill out to measure your ecological footprint. There are five categories for you to address: Electricity, Transport, Water, Food, and Wood Products. In the “Footprint.xls”, fill out each worksheet based on the 48-hour period of your choosing between now and when the worksheet is due. You will intensively monitor your resource consumption and use. You have the option of doing this for your student home or for your home if you go home for Thanksgiving. The second worksheet, “carboncalc.xls,” has just one page. It helps you monitor your carbon budget. Fill the “Carbon Calculator” out based on your estimates for a month of activities. Remember that many appliances are not “ON” all the time. A refrigerator, for example, is not on all the time unless you leave the door open. For both worksheets, fill in the cells on your computer , as many of them have built-in equations to save you calculation time. Print hard copies of the completed worksheets to turn them in, with the answers to the questions that follow, in section the week of December 1 (week 15). Please review these pages at least (better yet, try to fill some of them out) and be prepared with questions and comments for your section meeting Nov. 19-24. This will be your main opportunity to ask questions and get help on the worksheets. Do not contact your GSI the night before it is due with questions. Please answer the following questions. Note that most are based on thoughts you have about the data you collect during your 48 hour period of monitoring, so please answer the questions after you have finished your worksheets. 1. Based on the online quiz you took ( ) and the associated website, how many biologically productive acres are there on Earth, and how many people? From these numbers, calculate the number of biologically productive acres available per person (note that 1 ha= 2.47 acres, and an acre is the size of a football field, not counting the end zones). There are 33,098,000,000 biologically productive acres on earth and 6.5 billion people. Using this data,
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footprint assignment - L&S C30U/ESPM 11 2008 -...

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