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CHAPTER 3: PLANNING BUSINESS MESSAGES 1) OUTLINE Understanding the Three-Step Writing Process Analyzing Your Situation Defining Your Purpose Developing an Audience Profile Gathering Information Uncovering Audience Needs Providing Required Information Selecting the Right Medium Oral Media Written Media Visual Media Electronic Media Factors to Consider When Choosing Media Organizing Your Message Defining Your Main Idea Limiting Your Scope Choosing Between Direct and Indirect Approaches Outlining Your Content 2) Study Notes Understanding the Three-Step Writing Process Whether your writing task is routine or more complex, your goal is to create messages that Have a Clear Purpose Meet the Needs of Your Audience Communicate Efficiently The three-step writing process includes the following steps: Planning business messages Analyze the situation Gather information Select the right medium Organize the information Writing business messages Adapt to your audience Compose the message Completing business messages Revise the message Produce the message Proofread the message Distribute the message To schedule your time over the three-step process,
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Use roughly half your available time for planning. Use a quarter of your time for actual writing. Use the remaining quarter of your time for completing the project. Analyzing Your Situation Successful messages start with a clear purpose that connects sender’s needs with the audience’s needs. All business messages have a general purpose and a specific purpose. General purposes of business messages are To inform To persuade To collaborate with your audience Specific purposes of business messages include What you hope to accomplish with the message. How your audience should respond after receiving your message. Ask yourself these questions before proceeding to ensure that the purpose merits your time
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