Router and Switch Configuratio1

Router and Switch Configuratio1 - Router and Switch...

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Router and Switch Configuration By Devon Jones University of Phoenix – Axia College
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To enjoy the advanced functionality of a computer network, the use of a router or a switch must be incorporated. These devices direct traffic from one device to another. Adding a router or a switch to a network is only the first step in creating a well trafficked network. A switch or router must be correctly configured or the system will not function efficiently. Cisco is the most popular brand of switches and routers on the market today. The standard switch or router utilizes Ethernet technology to connect devices to each other. Switches come with constructed with varying number of ports that allow devices to connect to them (Regan, 2004). Configuring a switch begins with using the Command Line Interface (CLI) to gain control of the switch. The switch will be connected with an Ethernet cable to either a management station or a modem with the correct rollover console cable and adapter. A terminal emulator like HyperTerminal allows the network administrator to specify which port communication will be conducted on (Regan, 2004). At this point, a User Interface Menu will be shown that allows for configuration of the switch via CLI. To begin switch management, a privileged-level password must be assigned to the switch and an IP address for the switch. This will allow for remote management of the switch by using Telnet as well as configure the switch with different VLANs (Regan, 2004). Port security should be configured to keep users from attaching devices that do not belong on the network.
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Router and Switch Configuratio1 - Router and Switch...

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