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Operations Security 1 Operations Security By Devon Jones University of Phoenix – Axia College
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Operations Security 2 Operations Security XYZ Energy is a company that operates throughout the entire United States. With 50 plants, there are two locations that house computer systems and the company’s network. It is important that these computer systems are secure at all times. Threats to these computers could cripple the productivity of the company on a country-wide level. To keep these computer system locations secure, there are a number of tasks that are recommended for XYZ Energy. Firstly, it is important to acknowledge the types of threats that can impact the productivity of the company. These threats include fire/chemical, structural failure, energy, weather, earth movement, biological, and human, which can be the largest threat. Becoming aware of these threat categories is the key to being able to safeguard against them all (Merkow & Breithaupt, 2006). A set of security policies should be implemented that protects essential services such as the computer system rooms for XYZ Energy. Employee education of the security policies is another key step for ensuring a secure computer data center. The policies are only effective if all employees are knowledgeable of them and recognize their importance. Though XYZ Energy has only two locations of computer data centers, employees within its 50 plant locations should be aware of these policies. Physical control over records and company assets is another important step to operations security. Physical control can be simply a deterrent, or a completely preventative measure.
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Operations Security - Operations Security 1 Operations...

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