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Conducting a Site Survey The implementation of a wireless network is not a task that can be completed without the proper preparations. Conducting a site survey is critical in the implementation of a wireless network. A site survey maps out the area that is to receive the WLAN. Additionally, it provides information that allows the network to be built to accommodate the needs of the client. This is a crucial step in the setup of a wireless network. Providing enough time to conduct a site survey will be worth the delay to ensure the WLAN will work consistently and efficiently. With the use of a wireless device that will be used on a daily basis within the network, the strength of the wireless signal can be detected to ensure that everyone in the office has a clear signal without interference from devices such as cell phones, PDA’s, and microwaves. These devices, to name a few, are able to easily disrupt the transmission of
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Unformatted text preview: data within the network. As maintaining a strong signal within the business area, it is also important to restrict access to the network from unauthorized users. A site survey With the use of devices such as survey analyzers and spectrum analyzers help to discern potential connectivity issues within the business area, and gain a better idea of how to setup the wireless network. Once the site survey has been completed, an effective wireless network can be constructed that will provide connectivity to all employees that access the network. This WLAN will also be free of unauthorized access. Though time is a factor with implementing the network, failing to provide ample time to conduct a site survey risks poor performance and security issues. It is highly recommended that strong consideration be given to allow time for a site survey to be conducted....
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