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Network Components 1 Network Components By: Devon Jones University of Phoenix – Axia College
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Network Components 2 There are many devices that can be used to create a Wireless Local Area Network, in addition to devices that uses WLAN to function. A computer is a stand-alone device that processes information and allows a user to input data and receive output. A computer can vary in cost from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand ( ,2010). Any device wishing to connect to a network will need a network interface card. A wireless NIC connects to devices using radio waves to transmit data (Wikipedia, 2010). This device is necessary for any WLAN as it is the device that makes wireless possible. An average cost of this device is $60. If a user wishes to connect that computer to another device, he or she will need to utilize a hub, switch or a router to transfer data. According to Bartlett (2010) a hub broadcasts a transmission from one computer to all other available computers. Every device will receive the transmission and have to decide whether the information is for it or not. A switch, however, can memorize which devices are connected to certain ports on the switch, and deliver the transmission to the correct device only (Bartlett, 2010). A router is able to transmit data like a hub or switch, but can also connect to other networks including the internet (Bartlett, 2010). Hubs and routers are less expensive than switches, ranging from $15 to $150, while switches can
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Network Components - Network Components 1 Network...

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