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Domain Name By Devon Jones The organization Free Flu, a nonprofit group that provides flu shots to the elderly, has been around for roughly 4 months. Though fairly young, the company has gained much popularity and is growing exponentially. With this being the case, they have hired a consultant to create a domain name for them to advertise and organize their company. To tie into the name of the company, the consultant chose the domain name for them. This was found using the internet resource . This resource lets a user enter a possible domain name and will inform the user if the domain name is available. While conducting internet research, it was found that .org addresses are synonymous with nonprofit organizations (NTC Hosting, 2002-2009). As this is a nonprofit organization, this would be the optimal web address for the company. Due to the company being a nonprofit organization, it would be a wise decision to take advantage of free hosting when a domain is purchased. This hosting
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