Lecture 5 - PLB 113 - Lecture 5 (HW1 due Thur, HW2 due Tue)...

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PLB 113 - Lecture 5 (HW1 due Thur, HW2 due Tue) II. Genome Org and Gene Express E. How many genes are expressed in a plant? F. Differential gene expression Presentation deadline: May 5th, report is due on May 14th ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review : Transposons in maize genome: Copia-type retrotransposon - 24% Gypsy-type retrotransposon - 46% Other retrotransposon - 5% DNA transposon 9% = 84% Retrotransposition - cDNA synthesis occurs in cytoplasm Cultivar - cultivated variety of a plant selected for desirable characteristics (certain traits) - different maize cultivars are the same species but bred for different traits. To know how many genes are in a genome: People can show that sequence of cDNA (mRNA) match the exons of the gene = evidence that the gene is real Is there a gene # paradox? Nah. ..... The number of genes expressed is proportional to the organismal complexity because more complex organisms = more cell types = more genes present in the organism How many genes are expressed ? EST= Expressed sequence tag: partial sequence of cDNA or mRNA - it's expressed because it's coming form a cDNA clone - "expression" has been described as a production of functional RNA - cDNA clone would represent gene. - it's a tag because this sequence of nucleotide identify the unique gene. Given the large number of produced EST and relatively small numbers of Arapodopsis genes => There are still genes in Arapodopsis genes that haven't appear in the ESTs. => there are different classes of mRNA in the population => the reason why is that because "rare" mRNA is present in small level and it's hard to pick these rare mRNA out and make EST. ------------------------------------------------------------- Way to identify expressed genes: Look mRNA complexity
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mRNA complexity (C R ) = total length of different mRNA sequence in a population A B C D 2Kb 1.5Kb 0.5Kb 1.0Kb C R = 2 + 1.5 + 0.5 + 1.0 = 5kb Clicker question #1: If this plant contain 100 copies of A, 10 copies, of B, 100 copies of , and 1
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Lecture 5 - PLB 113 - Lecture 5 (HW1 due Thur, HW2 due Tue)...

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