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PMI 126 - Lecture 11

PMI 126 - Lecture 11 - PMI 126 Lecture 11 B cell receptor...

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PMI 126 – Lecture 11 B cell receptor can bind from primary to quatnary structure of proteins Majority of antibody recognize nonsequential epitope (created by folding of proteins) Hard to make vaccine for B cell? T cell receptor (TCR): • Two types of TCR’s αβTCR • The most common in blood (on T lymphocyte) and organized lymphoid tissue MHC-restricted Antigen with Monocyte (APC) from patient B + memory T cell specific to antigen from patient A = nothing happens!!!! = different alleles for MHC proteins. = T cell receptor needs to be able to recognize the antigen peptide and the MHC proteins that were educated with to be activated ! (Peptide-MHC protein complex) Your T cells are educated to recognize the MHC proteins expressed your own cells!!!!!! Pre-T cells in the cortex of Thymus interact with the thymic-epithelial cells or dendritic cells via interaction of TCR and (self-peptide + MHC class I/II) If they don’t => Pre-T cells undergo apoptosis This is Positive selection (positive signal to have further differentiation) In the medulla, pre-Tcells then undergo negative selection The ones interact with self-peptide+ MHC strongly are programmed to death This prevents arutoimmune. Now naïve, functional T cells are ready to leave the thymus. γδTCR • Can be common in skin and at mucosal surfaces (only about 1-2 % in blood) • Not MHC-restricted (don’t have to be educated) or • Recognize glycolipids presented by CD1 (these are the TCR that don’t need to see peptide) » Non-classical MHC protein • Resembles PRR’s (pattern recognition receptors) • Resembles innate immunity – Rapid response? Receptor specificity appears limited to many pathogens typically encountered by a given species
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<= beta chain is like the heavy chain in the immunoglobulin (has D region gene) <= alpha chain is like the light chain the immunoglobulin (without D region gene) * delta genes is in the middle of V alpha genes and J alpha genes. VDJ join together by rearrangement. Anything in between is eliminated. Beta chain rearranges first. When beta chain is successfully made, alpha chain starts to rearrange, at the same time, delta genes are excised. Three complementarity determining regions (CDR’s)
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PMI 126 - Lecture 11 - PMI 126 Lecture 11 B cell receptor...

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